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Representing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth based beginners, experienced actors and Children ages 5 and up. If you are looking to become an Actor for film, television or Tv commercials or you want to be an actor on shows like Home and Away, All Saints, Mcleods, Blue Water High, Love My Way, Two Twisted or Black Jack, then you need Sinacori Agency. Whether you are new to acting or studying or you are a graduate, Sinacori Agency can make it happen. It all starts here .
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We are currently looking for people, trained and inexperienced, that want to work as actors for film, television and television commercials.

Acting for Screen or Camera is our specialty. We have proven formulas to help you succeed, we just need you to believe in us and yourself. You can enjoy the experience of Acting in Film and Television and we are also serious when we say!, "you could be the next Hugh Jackman, Simon Baker, Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Toni Collette or Emily Browning"!.. It just takes a path and the willingness to dedicate some time and effort to that path..

Are you looking for a reputable actor's agent or manager? Are you wanting to become an actor for Film, Cinema, Television or Tv Commercials? An agent or manager is licenced to represent and guide you and it is in our best interest to make sure you succeed.

Sydney based Sinacori agency is a reputable and respected actors agency. If you are looking to become an actor for screen or camera, we can certainly make your dream of acting a reality.
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Do you want to become an actor or child actor in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth? Are you a trained actor? Are you looking for an actors agency, actor's agent or manager that represents actors and child actors?

We are the answer to finding work in the performing arts industries, If you feel you would like to pursue a career as an actor, presenter, news reader or host, we are what you are looking for.

Our mission for 2021 is to manage actors and manage aspiring young Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth based actors.
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Lic.No. 9101218


Successful Castings 2021!

Alen D. Win Roles NSW Funded Short Film "The Mirage" more to come..

Patrick B. Cole D. Michelle S. Win Roles on a major corporate video (More to come)..

Josh, Christine T, Laura V Glen B and Stephen B all land roles on 10 short films for For Anti Corruption Campaign.

Ben V and Gemma R. Land Roles with Reachout online Game (still in Post Producition).

Cole D. Patrick B. Successfully obtain roles in new Abba Show touring Sydney and NSW.

Ben V and Amy H land roles in a Corporate eLearning video.

Patrick Brooker lands a role on the feature film Edge of Eden see

Joe Auditions for Pizza Series 5 and lands a top role, More to come Once released.

Michelle Wins a role on Pizza Series 5 Michelle is a registered nurse and may also work as a real nurse on the Show.

Adam H lands Xbox 360 Gears of War Promo.
Adam Auditioned for the role of the Xbox 360 Gamer for Gears of War Promotion and won the role hands down, Training and Talent got him there and we gave him the opportunity.

Debra C. Lands a lead role for a Charity TVC yet to be released check back for more info..

Truely National!
Sepidah M. Lands a major part in the New TV series for channel Nine "Sea Patrol" filmed in Cairns Brisbane Gold Coast and Sydney. From McElroy All Media, producers Hal McElroy and Di McElroy (Water Rats, Blue Heelers, Going Home)

Congratulations to Samuel N, only just a teenager!
Samuel N. landed a part The Ronnie Johns Half Hour on Channel Ten, It has not aired yet, so we don't want to go into to much detail.

Rosemary, Jeffery and Colin
cast as Extras in the Mini Series Mary Bryant, "the biggest ever Australian production". Based on the true story of a young convict woman's fight for freedom, Mary Bryant is produced by Australian company Screentime

Irvine Robertson M.I.D. 300 was cast as a happy go lucky Maori, in "Fat Pizza".

Manel Wanis Lands a job with the ABC.

Vahsti Hughes Lands the Role of Karen on Surgeon, everyone on set was a pleasure to deal with.

Christine Hayman Lands a part in Love My Way! fun day, learnt a few new facts about filming..

Stephen Bannister Lands a fifty worder on Love My Way well organised day everything went smoothly..

Patrick Brooker M.I.D. Private was cast as "Big Bird" in a Pilot Feature Called "The Trouble wiith Gabby". Patrick plays a character called "Big Bird", a debutante supplier of services to a Mobster named Lester.

Patrick Brooker M.I.D. Private was cast as "Cain" in a short film "Time Again"All their lives Cain & David have fought to win over the other. Now it is a life they fight for.Directed by Derek Foster, Produced by Jeffrey Gibbs

(Child) Claudia M.I.D. 227 was Cast in a short film, "Carol", she was playing the daughter of a women who was suffering from Post Natal Depression who eventually committed suicide.

(Child) Sonali M.I.D. 220 was cast in a Tv Commercial for an Indian Property Developer in Bombay, Toady's Technology attributed to her successful Placement, she auditioned and in a couple of hours the client in Bombay India had expressed her playing one or the characters in the TVC.

(Children) Sonali M.I.D. 220 and Shivani M.I.D 219 were both cast in a full length feature film "JewBoy" set to screen on SBS and around the world.

More Casting Success
congratulations to Jane for landing a Stills Job for Nokia.

Margot Waterhouse lands a role on Pizza, a sexy windscreen washer who has a couple of scenes with Paul and Habib..

Congratulations to Gustaf, Mitch and Christine who all landed roles in two student short films from KVB college, these roles will be nice pieces to add to there showreels..

Margot Waterhouse landed an AAPT TVC, I must give a special thank you to the casting director for having the vision to invite Margot to audition, she had a great day and the crew were great to work with..

Patrick Brooker & Christine Hayman Landed an Optus promo stage show, I have to congratulate them on their effort, it was one of the most challenging roles any actor would have to face, they had a script to learn for a 10 minute performance to be performed 3 times that day and the script was changed 3 times on them for each performance, but their training and natural improvisation skills got them through. It was a long day, 5am start and 9pm conclusion.

Mario M.I.D 293 was cast as a Roman Priest in the Hit Show "Fat Pizza".

Jane M.I.D. 260 was cast as Mrs. Kwok in a Short film "The Suitor" from AFTRS.
She plays fierce matriarch, she is dominating and dogmatic - but only because she believes she knows best for her Daughter Cindy.

Jane M.I.D. 260 Also cast as for a Diabetes Council of Australia Brochure.

Paulo M.I.D. 287 was cast as a Gladiator in the Rome Episode of Fat Pizza, his build and ability to portray characters of the silver screen in a satire light has lead him to some other castings with some high profile casting directors.

Emma M.I.D. Private was cast as a Dominatrix for a magazine shoot for "Little Porn Star", she also landed a Role in a Stage Production with Plaza Real.

David and Emma M.I.D. Private were both cast as Super Nintendo characters for a Nintendo TVC set to air in the United States of America.

(Kids & Adults)Marisa Christian and Simon M.I.D. Private were cast in a "family services" TVC.

(Child) Bernadette M.I.D. 208 successfuly abtained a role in an LG Commercial, it was a wonderful scene with a beautiful country landscape as the backdrop.

Mitch Goodrick lands a Binge Drinking TVC, he plays an intoxicated teen. Mitch is an up and coming star, he has come to us in his infancy, he has a great look and is training at a well respected training institution.

Emma M.I.D. Private was cast by Urban Theatre Projects in "Plaza Real" The plaza is the last meeting place remaining. No more village-square: only a corporate-owned and controlled space with a plethora of messages – advertising, cultural and social.

Jean M Bell was cast as a hard of hearing Patient in Denta - Mate a short film by Chris Kezelos, Denta-Mate will be entered into competions and we will keep you posted the success of this short film.

Patrick went for a casting for a lead on a low budget feature film called "I Want Candy" he has also just one the lead for another role in a top secret film that will be receiving a major distribution deal.

You Choose, Level Based Acting intensive training courses and you get Sinacori Agency, a reputable agent and agency to find you work!

So if your wanting to pursue a course or career in acting, these inexpensive classes and workshops are for you!
We reccomend Courses, Classes and Workshops from as little as $10 per week and they are tax deductible.
What You Will Learn>>
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General Auditions Video Scenes or Showreels A Must for Any Experience Actor without a Top Showreel
Actors now have the opportunity to showcase their talent direct to all Casting Professionals via their Showcasting profiles.
By hosting your general audition scene on our Showcasting database, along with your headshot and biography for all to see, you will no longer have to wait for a go see. this is the next big thing available to actors wanting to showcase their talent.

We can arrange scripts for you to perform for this exciting new marketing tool and we will Film, Record and Edit it all.
This Service is only offered to Actors that are members of Sinacori Agency.

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Liston Queer Eye Australia

Congratulations to Liston Williams
Liston was cast as one of channel Ten's Australian Queer Eye For The Straight Guy cast. If you feel you would like to persure a career as a presenter, news reader or host, we can help.
We can get you started Apply Now!

Entertaining Angels After seeing students in CASPA Sydney Catholic Schools Performing Arts - Archdiocesan Archdiocese Festival 2009 "Entertaining Angels" We gladly welcome any of the performers to be a part of our team.

Heath Ledger Directing

"The Maids" Staring our very own Emma J Cooper We'd like to introduce two dynamic new theatre companies to Sydney, Atypical Theatre Company and Two Hour Traffic.

Atypical Theatre Company was founded by two short statured performers, Emma J Cooper and Kiruna Stamell. Our company embraces artists with and without a disability and casting performers from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and abilities.

Loan was cast as a girl on the beach in a Amstel Heineken Beer commercial, loan had been with us for a couple of weeks when she landed the job, you can never tell how long it will take to land a job, this is not a record for us but a good success story none the less.
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Licensed Agency Lic.No. 9101218
Internationally Respected Agency.

Helping you Succeed!

Successful castings are paramount here at Sinacori Agency, we offer the latest in technological advancements to aid you in acquiring a role. We have in house portfolio creation and video scenes or showreels created and hosted for you to showcast or showcase your skill and ability. Every extra effort will help you to stand out from the rest.
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Our Focus on Specialising with Children!

Kids are wonderful Natural Actors and Performers and possibly even great future Sports People or Singers, Band Members or Musicians, I should know I have four children myself.

If you feel your Child, Kids or Children could be the Next stars of a TV, Film, Tv Commercial, Modelling project or Singer, Dancer, Muscian or Band Member you should consider joining with Sinacori Agency, we have gained work for children in tv, film and modelling projects and we also guide them in their performing arts career, what ever field they choose to persue or even if they don't choose performing arts, they will have gained valuble confidence and public speaking skills that will help them in what ever they do in life.

We have an excellent special right now, don't pay high fees, Pay Low Fees to get your children involved in Acting Classes, Singing Lessons, Dancing or Modelling. We really have a wonderful and different approach to traiining, one that will free you up to enjoy your leisure time and one that will let your children have lots of fun at the same time.

Adam Pisano Plays Obsessed Preacher in The Perfect Nothing's new Music Video "Jesus Freak" Watch it here!

Our Part in Heath Ledger's Historical Directorial Debut.
We have just had 6 of our artists work on a History making music video clip Directed by none other than Heath Ledger.

It was a video clip for NFA Jones and 1200 Techniques, it was a great day, here are some pics from the day.
Click here for the Pics.

Matt Driller Plays an American Bachelor on the New Breville Commercial. Watch it here!

Casey Adams, Aurka Dasgupta, Alen Dawood, Debbie Foyster, Ryan James, Albert Potestas
BWM "Wary Christmas" check it out here!

James P. Lands Weight Watchers TVC
Watch the Commerical Here

Debra C. Marcella B. Amy Z. & Alen D. Auditioning for something special this June!
Lead Roles for a New Television Series to be filmed in Melbourne. More once auditions are finished..

Marcella B.
Auditions for Lead Role in 3rd Series of another popular television series more to come.

Ursula S.
Wins Lead Role in Feature Film with a Million Dollar Budget. More Soon.

Natalie A. & Ursula M.
Audition for Wacky Kantong Commercial.

Gemma R.
Completes Presenting workshop with Channel Nine and Auditions for Lead Role in a KFC commercial.

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Auditions, Latest NEWS, Briefs & Submissions 2021

Feature Films and Cinema
December Boys, To Catch a Killer, Joanne Lees & Peter Falconio story, Opal Dream, Wrong Girl, Little Fish, Tripping Over, Aqua Marine, Footy Legends, Superman Returns, Happy Feet, The Silence, Children of Men, Boytown, Candy, The Water Diary, Kokada, Romulus my Father, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Ghost Rider. Last Resort, Black Balloon.

Tv Series
Home and Away, All Saints, Blue Water High, Love my Way, Two Twisted, Sea Patrol, Power Rangers, Mcleods Daughters, Fat Pizza Series, Saddle Club, Stingers, Blue Heelers, Black Jack, Small Claims, Ronnie Johns Half Hour, The Surgeon, Major Crime, Australias Next Top Model, Quizmania.

Television Commericals
Coke, Pepsi, Codral, Baileys, Bundaberg Rum, KFC, Mcdonalds, Mcdonalds Happy Meals, Westpac, Aussie, Rams, Commonwealth Bank, Anz Bank, St George Bank, Gio insurance, NRMA insurance, AAMI insurance, Huggies, Nokia, Energy Australia, Toyota, Ford, Kia, Mazda, Holden, Vodafone, Optus, AAPT, Westfields, Dove, Norsca, Medibak Private, Sunday Telegraph, Qantas, New Apprenticships, ABC, Rexona, Crown Larger, NSW Immunisations, Microsoft, Xbox 360 Gears of War, Gillette, Mastercard, Subaru, Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Green Power, Capri Sun, Raine & Horne, Ballantines, NRL, Cheetos, Telstra, Pizza Hut, American Express, Australia Post, Smith Family, Canesten, Famous, Canon, Kellogs, Masterfoods, SPC, Golden Circle, Red Rooster, Selleys, Vaseline, Hungry Jacks, RTA, Mirvac, 3 Mobile, Nestle, Big Pond, Sumo Salad, Nitendo, Volks Wagon, NSW Lotteries, Sunbeam, Sony PSP, RSVP, Sara Lee, Orange, Weetbix, Foxtel, Schick.


Sydney Acting Schoosl Now Open Enrolments for 2021, Learn to Act with Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth based Acting Classes at a professional Acting School 2007
Tax deductible Acting Classes, at an Acting School We reccomend will give you the best tools and skills for Acting for camera, film and television, we work with professional casting directors and directors who will teach you and direct you, along with expert teachers, workshop tutors and course coordinators.

You want to become an actor in Sydney, you want to learn to act and we will give you the necessary acting skills needed to Act for Film and Television along with Acting Auditions for Film and Television and Television Commercials, this also includes representation for that chance to land a job in Film, TV or Television Commercials. We have worked with Pay Tv Channels, Netflix, Stan, Amazon, Apple TV, Google Cast, Amazon Prime, Seven Network, Nine Network, Ten Network, ABC Network and SBS Television, we have had either Telemovie appearances, Drama appearances and also Film and tv commercial appearances and we continue to do so..

Acting classes, courses and workshops for Camera, with the top Film and Television Teachers will make you a skilled and competent Actor, ready for any Television or Film audition or role that comes your way, this is how you become an actor for film and television.


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New Film Free Film Festival for You To Showcase Your Work 2021!

Our New Paid Film Festival to Showcase your Work, Showreel and Monologues. (You Get Paid Per View Just by Entering)

Apply and Submit your Work by Emailing Apply for Film Festival

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Now Auditioning "What Colour do soldiers Wear"

Now Auditioning "Religion and Religous Topics"

Now Auditioning "Can you Do better than this?"

Steve Andrews

Crime Follows Punishment.

Videos are For Over 18 Years of Age Videos are not intended for Children.


Shant Sarkissian Join Sinacori Acting Agency
Shant joined with Sinacori after a Year of meetings and discussions about his future acting career. He now heads straight to the U.S. to meet with some of Sinacori Agency's heavy weight agent contacts that currently represent some of America's and Australia's most well known Actors.. Stay Tuned for updates.

Videos are For Over 18 Years of Age Videos are not intended for Children.

Joseph Schiano Di Cola
Joseph is Persuing an Acting Career with Sinacori Agency, he is a wonderful Natural Actor.

Videos are For Over 18 Years of Age Videos are not intended for Children.

Congratulations to Steven Andrews for landing a role in:Praetorian Pictures"Crime Follows Punishment" pictured has recently finished filming the above title of a Film, of A New Australian 1970's Crime Drama Playing a Key role of Q.C Barry Woods

Michelle Salerno Fat Pizza

Videos are For Over 18 Years of Age Videos are not intended for Children.

Mark Fitzgerald

Videos are For Over 18 Years of Age Videos are not intended for Children.

Rebecca Malins

Videos are For Over 18 Years of Age Videos are not intended for Children.

Elias Jasser

Videos are For Over 18 Years of Age Videos are not intended for Children.

Watch Peter Moalaeua in a new segment for The Gruen Transfer on ABC The Pitch Agency Happy Solidiers Production Company Caravan Pictures.

Videos are For Over 18 Years of Age Videos are not intended for Children.

Meet Daniel D'Amico latest Member to Sinacori Agency Daniels Credits acting range from A Country Practice to the ABC. See Below

Videos are For Over 18 Years of Age Videos are not intended for Children.

Heath Tribute
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