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Sydney Melbourne Based Acting Classes and the Techniques!

At Sinacori Agency, we believe that good training comes from hands on experience coupled with theory and professional screen, camera and stage or theatre courses, workshops and Classes with Professional Teachers and Tutors as your influence. We believe that all acting methods are needed and that they should all be studied in order for an artist to appreciate the true art of acting..

We will find you the right Sydney Acting Classes 2018
You're wanting to pursue a career in acting, we have the right and inexpensive training classes, courses and workshops for you and they are tax deductible!

You might want to complete a Bachelor of Performance Theory and Practice (Acting).We want working actors actresses, to appear in television, television commercial, film and theatrical productions. With the right courses and workshops and Sinacori Agency hunting down work and auditions for the top roles with the top directors and casting directors in the industry You will be focussing on voice, movement, improvisation, character building, acting for camera, screen and Method Acting. Techniques such as Stanislavski and Meisner, also introducing Mary Overlies "The Six Viewpoints".

We will Advise you on What Is in a Good Acting Course?
The best Acting course you can find is the one we recommend because we will be finding you work you are wanting to become Actors or Actresses. You will develop a strong foundation in acting. The course is suitable for novice or experienced actors and it is an intensive or non intensive acting course or it could be a workshop with a professional director/actor like Sam Atwell, or Peter Andrikidis Director or Black Jack and Mary Bryant..
The course will give you the best performing arts guidance & training, and it will make you a diverse Actor/Actress in the acting industry.

By the end of this
Course, you would of completed hours of tuition and training through structured training modules and outcomes, each of which is assessed at its completion and you can then continue onto the next stage. We focus on a strong Acting foundation, vocals, movement and physical skills are the Key, and the collaborative nature of the performing arts. The Core is a focused and rewarding course, it will develop your rehearsal, preparation and performance skills. During the course subjects, you will also be able to attend acting auditions for Film, Television and Television commercials, This is where we get excited..
Acting subjects to take up.: Acting for Stage, Acting for Camera, Voice, Movement and Ensembles.
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Children's Classes and Workshops are also available.
These classes and workshops will encourage children to develop self esteem, to become confident speakers, develop communication skills as well as prepare them for the industry.

If you would like further information regarding the right classes and workshops please feel free to contact the agency as places are limited.

Successful castings are paramount here at Sinacori Agency, we offer the latest in technological advancements to aid you in acquiring a role. We have in house portfolio creation and video scenes or showreels created and hosted for you to showcast or showcase your skill and ability. Every extra effort will help you to stand out from the rest.
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Internationally Respected.

Finer Points of A Good Acting Course!

Good acting courses, workshops and classes coupled with professional tutors, casting directors and Directors who are currently working in film and Television and who will pass on their valuable skills, knowledge and wisdom, are our guarantee that you will become a competent actor that you will be able to prepare for any audition and perform any role that is demanded of you, you will also work as you learn via our audition opportunities that arise everyday of every week...

More on the Core Subjects and What you Will Learn.
• Audition For Camera Techniques
• All about Action for Camera, Actor Relationship and Character Research
• In the Eyes of Professional Casting Directors and Film Directors
• Film and Television Acting & Performing for the Camera

• Reacting to Emotional Response, Characterisation & Particulisation for Camera.

• Stanislavski and Meisner, Mary Overlies "The Six Viewpoints".

• Camera and Character Script Analysis Standard

• American Dialect and English Dialect.

• Getting the Most out of Rehearsals, Film TV

Blocking for the Camera, Continuity for film and Television Camera.

• Sitcoms, Black Satire Comedy, Sketches, Comedic improvisation & timing

Post Dialogue Recording

• Preparation Techniques for Film/TV/Theatre TV Commercials

• Networking to Win Roles

• Presenting for children Programs, lifestyle and vox pop programs

• Showreel and Presentation

• Your Acting Business

You will work as an actor and train to become an actor at the same time here at Sinacori Agency, we do not put one thing before another, they exist at the same time, opportunity to find work and the training techniques that will aid you in Role Acquisition and Casting Success.
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